Soft night

I’m feeling soft tonight.
I feel like there are all these little soft spots and empty pockets around me and in me and on me that are yearning to be filled up.
I’m missing places that I wish I could hold onto better, though I know that’s really never the answer.
I’m missing friends who I don’t speak to enough, don’t see enough, don’t laugh with enough.
I’m missing the ones who I fear I’ve let slip away.
I’m missing the ones I’ve held at arms length.
I’m missing the deep, into-the-wee-hours conversations that make you rethink life and the world and what you are doing in the next day or week or hour.
I’m missing freedom and lack of schedules.
I’m missing hours of fresh air each day and sitting to watch the sunlight in the trees change into the gloaming as night approaches.
I’m not sad though.
I just feel soft and a little achey for these things.
Maybe it’s dream time…soft silhouettes and rich colors, sounds we never hear in waking life and fabulous touches unknown in the day…

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