I followed you through the dark winding street
Water dripping at my heels and sounds pulsing from my chest.
I don’t think you heard them though.
Never allowing less than seventeen yards between us,
I wondered if you knew I was there.
If you did, you never let on
Your step never quickened and your neck never swung back to look
For me.
It felt like a dream but I think I was really there. And I didn’t dream tonight.
Maybe I was only visiting your dreams; maybe the dream king shared the memory with me
And now you’re left with me in your dream, though you never looked back.
I wonder if you remember me.
I can still smell the rain on the dirt covered cement and the beer drifting out of the lazy dark bars.

First draft – working…

All those moments will be lost in time
Like tears in rain.
Rutger Hauer, as Roy, in Blade Runner

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