A long quiz…

Kerilyn is doing it so why can’t I?

1. What is your religious faith if any and how devout are you?
I often falter with my spirituality but it’s there. I need to dive in deeper in this area – it’s a recent goal actually. I believe in something greater than us, but am not sure what that means exactly. I believe in karma and in energy and in positive thinking and the benefits of meditation. That’s just the beginning though.

2. Have you ever been married and if so will you marry again?
Not yet, but I do plan on it eventually.

3.What is your diet like? What do you and don’t you eat and how much do you or don’t eat?
I’ve been slacking lately but I eat lots of fruit (almost too much at times) and a pretty decent amount of veggies (just no mushrooms please). I try to eat fish once or twice a week and try to limit my intake of chicken. My goal is to eat only organic animal-based products and to limit even those but sometimes it is difficult (avoiding antibiotics and hormones). I also try to buy as much organic produce as possible – check out the Shoppers’ Guide to Pesticides in Produce (has a handy wallet sized chart)

4. Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?
It depends. Sometimes I tend toward the negative thinking half empty side when thinking about my future, but I’ve been trying to curtail those thoughts and have been doing a pretty good job for the most part. The future looks pretty good and maybe the fear is what makes it fun. I do find it easier though to see the half full side when talking to someone else about their life and goals and dreams and opportunities.

5. Do you drink alchohol? If so, what kinds, and how often?
Dry red wine of course….and I’m really digging white wine this summer – great on a hot day – a nice crisp, white, not too sweet. And tequila!

6. How do you like to wear your hair?
Start with it down (it’s very long) but it usually ends up pulled back in a pony or a messy bun or braids once in a while.

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own and what would you prefer, heels or flats?
Not nearly as many as my friend Carmen. I’m not sure how many pairs I own, but most of them are flip flops and sandals. It’s what I wear all summer and in the winter I have two pairs of boots that I love. Not good with heels….prefer the comfy shoes.

8. Do you have tattoos? If so, how many, what are they and where are they?
Nope. Not yet. It’s been one of those things that I’ve wanted for a while, but I want to design it myself and haven’t thought of that perfect design. Until then, will just get another piercing I think.

9. What is your view on this Bush administration?
My view is that my view doesn’t matter. Wait, that’s a half empty answer. My view is that we need to get him and his entourage out of office before he destroys our freedoms any further. My view is that the democrats and those who stand anywhere left of center need to unite and find a common ground and common goals that will benefit most people and that the majority of this country can and will care about and believe in and vote for.

10. Do you smoke anything?
Occasionally a clove cigarette or two or three (but that is fading fast, fortunately)…

11. How close are you to brothers/sisters/mom/dad?
I think my family is fairly close but I am definitely closest with my sister and I would like to be closer to all of them.

12. Do you have children? If so, how old and how many?
Not yet.

13.What is your current profession and what are some of your ultimate dreams?
My current profession? Hmm. Web designer. My ultimate dreams, I assume “professionally”? To be able to contribute to supporting myself and a family while working at things that I feel proud of. I would like to be working creatively for things I believe in and perhaps in a job that integrates art and helping women and childen.

14.Where do you see yourself in 5 years and where do you see yourself in 20 years?
I try not to think that far ahead because I don’t want to box myself in nor do I want to be disappointed if I’m not where I wanted to be be five years from now. But hopefully with a little kid or two running around our house. And more dogs of course. And in 20, doing fulfilling work and feeling happy and comfortable in my home and relationships.

15. What are the 5 most important things to you and what are the five least important?
Most important: family/friends, changing for the better, being creative, the scary status of the country, world, people, environment, learning to do things meaningfully and with meaning
Least important: false impressions, false judgments, labels, schedules, proving selves to those who don’t care about people

16. What do you call an ideal soulmate?
I’m not sure I believe in an ideal soulmate, but I think if you’re willing to invest your time, passion, ideals and love with another person then you continue to make choices that make a soulmate-ish relationship change and work.

17. If you were to go on a date to the following, what IN DETAIL would you wear: Opera – something fancy and sexy and black
Stage play – maybe jeans, maybe a skirt
Art exhibit – whatever I happen to have on
DinnerCruise – who knows
Movie – comfy and warm
Lounge – jeans
Stadium game – jeans or shorts

18. If your companion comes home late without calling and desired intimacy, how would you handle that?
Well, where was he, how late, and what was the reason for not calling? Depends. It it’s not big deal, then I’d go for it!

19. If an estranged woman declares your companion has had an affair with her, how would you handle that?
Hmm. I have no idea. I’m sure rage, sadness, distrust and jealousy would factor in though.

20. What are your views on retirement?
It seems fun if you have money and can just travel, travel, travel…

21. Describe your view of affection and romance.
Affection good. Romance good. Great I mean. Never can have too much of either.

22. Do you wear jeans? If so how often?
A lot.

23. Have you ever physically engaged (punched) with your companion?
I’m not sure if this means fist fight? Definitely not, but play fights are usually fun.

24. Are you a very open and friendly person that requires a lot of attention or are you a very “to yourself” and private person?
Depends on the circumstances, especially who I am with. I think I definitely go to both extremes.

25. Have you ever dated a millionaire? If so, what was his profession and why did it end?
Nope, but I’m sure it would end with him begging for me back. ;)

26. If you had a perfect conversation, or a perfect first date, will you wait for him to call or will you call?
I would call.

27. Where are the top five places that you would like to live and why?
Asheville area – North Carolina (which I will be doing soon!)
On an island (for the peace, warmth, water, nature, fresh foods, isolation, slowness of life etc.)
Europe (villa type place in Italy or Spain for the beauty, wine, relaxed lifestyle, siestas)
San Francisco (because I love that damn city!)
Canada (to avoid these American politics)

28. If you had a million dollars, what would be the most important things you would do?
Pay off my debt, give some to some family members, buy or build an eco-friendly house, donate some to charity OR start my own charitable organization (that would of course use art as a way to connect to people)

29. Do you cook, clean, etc?
I’ve started cooking a lot and totally dig it. Can make some pretty tasty dishes now. As for cleaning, well, um, not digging that as much.

30. How many children would you like to have or are you not interested.
Maybe three, maybe four, maybe two. Not just one.

31. What are 5 things that make you laugh and 5 things that sadden you?
Dogs interacting with each other at the dog park, Spaceballs, The Paper Doll, my boyfriend’s silly antics ;), family dinners
Where this country is right now and where it’s headed further, rejection, not being as close to people as I would like, kids growing up in bad situations with no way out, the lack of connectedness and of compassion that has become too normal.

32. What are your views on abortion and gay marriages?
Abortion – we’ve come this far and now it’s in danger. Do we really want to end up back where we were with botched abortions from wire hangers? My body, my choice.
Gay marriage – Why does this threaten people? Live and let live. It’s none of anyone’s business who someone wants to marry.

33. What do you think of the following people:
The Pope – not looking too friendly
Mayor Ray Nagle – I don’t
Actress/Singer Cher – Better actress than singer
Secretary Condellezza Rice – If you’re friends with Bush, then…eh, nevermind. I think she needs a new hairstyle.
The Rock – Not much but I heard he’s smart
OJ Simpson – Who cares?

34.How would you chastize your children? Spanking, punishment, etc. Also someone elses child. (boyfriend, niece, etc)?
I would avoid chastising anyone else’s child. As for my own, I’ll find out when it happens. Weird punishments sound good. I don’t mean weird creepy, just weird as in not ordinary.

35. What are some of the practices that you feel keep a family together?
Family dinners, art projects, hiking together, camping together, “checking in”.

36. How would you show love? Do you say it more than you show or vise versa? Please describe.
I try to do both, but with some people I lean to one side more or less. I would rather show people than tell them (most people) and I think it is more meaningful. Little things make a difference. A card here and there, a little show of appreciation, making something, surprises…etc.

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