Poem for me

Here’s a poem that my friend Kerilyn wrote for me and about me back in 2005 (!). She just came across it and I thought I’d share. I love it!

From the Serengeti she arrived
Barebacked and frolicking
in the sporadic wildflowers that seem to
mysteriously Appear..
purple and full of life
Reminding us of the beauty found in the
Strangest of places.
Billions of stones in little fractions under Her feet
take shape..
Gladly reminding us Of her presence…
Wild and untamed this girl is
Shown to us by flocks of tendrils
in masse
flying in the direction of the sun…
while her exquisite complexity
is revealed as a gift if you are quiet
and still enough to see thru the veil,
the mirage of this world.
So clear to me.
this Serengeti girl
taught to survive on pure wit and strength of will brought on by seasons
of running with the lions.
While I am sure you see her fierceness as a testament to her position in the pack…
you miss the infinity of moments where her gentleness would
and does bring definition.. and clarity to her person.
Look closer.
And stare.. cause just like the wind uses the mountains Of sand as it’s clock..
Telling time.
Her beauty is revealed as she explores.
This desolate and solemn world..
I can see her..
Can you?

Poem by Kerilyn Fox (Russo) *the Russo will take me a while to get used to

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  1. ker
    November 19, 2009 at 2:05 pm (14 years ago)

    Yea.. it takes some getting used to to say “Hi.. My name is Kerilyn Fox…. I mean Russo.”

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