Reverb 10 | Prompt 3 | Moment

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

One moment. Well, I hate to be too cliché but childbirth definitely rates up there as a moment that made me feel alive. It was a weird sense of being alive though. I was alive and laboring and bringing more life into the world, but there was a lack of analytical awareness. It just was. I felt it. I was there. Present. Every step of the way. A hazy sort of present though. It wasn’t a sharp, detailed presence. It was exactly what it needed to be. Textures elude me. Smells elude me. Voices were echoes until they weren’t. Noises were in the background, down a tunnel. Drums playing but so far away even though right there in the moment with me. Colors seemed dull which seems odd to me and I can’t make sense of that. Touch was essential. Contract….back massage…end contract. Breathe. Rest. Contract…walk….back massage….end contract… Time ceases to exist. The daylight fades and then it’s night. Still in the moment and the moment is all there is. Sun says hello again but I miss the greeting. Still working. More contracting. More. More.

And then…

Screen shot 2010-12-04 at 4.26.02 PM

This Reverb 10 moment has been brought to you by Leo Babauta.
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