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Gratitude – Nov. 2

I am thankful for the recent Spirits of Joy I took part of with Hannah Marcotti. It was more than prompts. It was a group of women that came together, shared, expanded, challenged and grew together. We became a community. We are still here together. We are still rocking and exploring and creating. It was eye-opening and a very much needed experience.

Some pages from that came from it:



Local Flair

I’m excited to announced that I’ve won an instagram photography contest with Local Flair magazine of the Poconos. They’ve chosen the photo below to be on the cover of their August/September issue (the food issue) which is going to print today! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see it in print.


They also asked me to submit a few sentences about myself to go in the publication. I was happy to have the fire lit and here’s what I came up with, thanks to Kerilyn and Dave (for helping!):

Kyra Dosch-Klemer is a web designer and artist striving to expose the natural beauty and simplicity found in ordinary moments. I seek to illuminate the sublime elegance often concealed within the mundane in order to heighten awareness of the moment through the beautiful stillness and magic that is present in most moments. This is realized through emphasis on the natural state of things. I aim to honor the purity in my art as well as in life, whether it is in the music I listen to, the items in my home, or the food I feed my family. Purity, as a concept, permeates my life. You can view some of her design work at

Art-making and more

I really, really, really wish I were registering for SQUAM art workshops this year… It’s about that time. Time to register. And, alas, another year goes by that I won’t be registering. So, I’m making a pledge to myself that this time next year, if freelance is going amazingly well ($$) and if Indira is at a point where she can be mom-free for a few days that I will be registering. I would love, love, love to be there. Art, music, yoga, connectedness. Penelope DullaghanI and Pixie Campbell teaching…. I wanna’ go.

the journal, volume one

over photo by Jen Gray

Okay, so he rocks!

Gigantic congratulations and ‘you rock!’ to my awesome pseudo-husband! He won best in show at the 25th International Juried Exhibition in Summit, NJ for his graphite drawing Supersymmetry Exists. . . just not here!!! Check it out on his website and feel free to let him know how awesome he is!

His piece looked fantastic and the opening rocked! There were tons of people there.



One of my favorites was a charcoal by Annie Murphy-Robinson (top center), one of my new favorite artists. Her work is incredibly moving!


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