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Five weeks to go!

Today, we’re at the five-weeks-to-go mark! (due date: march 8th, original due date: feb 27th) What can I say? Holy crap! I’m entering the mixed emotions territory here. I am so excited to meet this baby and hold this baby, but at the same time, I think I’m really going to miss having him/her all to myself. Sure, other people can feel the kicks from the outside, but we have this special, intimate, one-on-one relationship. We’re together. I mean, we’re really together – all the time. It’s going to be so weird to have this relationship on the outside next. Does that make sense?

Nonetheless, I can’t wait! Am I nervous? Oh yeah, super nervous. I’m nervous about labor. I’m nervous about the pain. I’m nervous about the sleepless nights. I’m nervous about something ruining having a home birth. I’m nervous about continuing to be the two of us while also being the three of us. I’m nervous about money. I’m nervous about work. But it’s all great, exciting, life-changing stuff ahead. I’m going to try to savor these last weeks of being pregnant. I’m trying to rest more, relax more, be in the moment more. It feels like a whirlwind though, and sometimes it’s hard to get into that moment when there’s so much going on – work, freelance, appointments, job interviews, bassinets that don’t rock (ha ha that’s a funny one actually), supplies, wanting to clean (me? that’s just weird), aches, fitful nights of sleep…

But I’m trying. Oh, and by the way, FIVE WEEKS TO GO!



Eye Spy

I love this and it’s totally DIY!


Maybe we can do something like that for the baby’s room….. Well, once the baby actually has a room. It will be an eventual thing.

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