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Gratitude – Nov. 2

I am thankful for the recent Spirits of Joy I took part of with Hannah Marcotti. It was more than prompts. It was a group of women that came together, shared, expanded, challenged and grew together. We became a community. We are still here together. We are still rocking and exploring and creating. It was eye-opening and a very much needed experience.

Some pages from that came from it:



A space of my own

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to finally really set up my space. Perhaps it’s the fact that I just got my hands on a shelf that I could store supplies on or maybe it’s that I’ve had enough of NOT having my own space or maybe it’s just that the summer is ending and that means Dave is returning to work and my time to get things done is about to do a large decrease. Staying at home with a toddler definitely doesn’t mean lots of time to get things done, to work, to create. At least not in that solitary way that I was used to. Sure, we get things done, but it’s a bit different.

Without further ado, my space. Ahh. Sigh of relief. It’s a very relaxing spot (even moreso when the dehumidifier is off), it has tons of light, and I am sitting beside the outdoors which I love.









I love this space. I love this light. I love the fact that this is only a little nook down in our basement and that Dave’s “nook” is on the opposite side of this half of the room and that there is a gigantic play space for Indira. The downside? Hopefully, we’ll be moving in 5-10 months. So this will be a short-lived space. Unfortunately, even a beautiful house can’t make up for an inadequate town and the woods outside can’t make up for the fact that the woods are set in rocks (as opposed to soft soil). But this works for now.


I haven’t sewn anything since high school. I just can’t get down with sewing. And I don’t have a sewing machine. I have two buttons hanging off of my coat that I need to sew on so that I don’t lose them, but I can’t even find a needle and thread (do I really not have a needle and thread?). That being said, I want to make this (Candice tweeted about it earlier today):


I’m horrible with mail and maybe this will help me get rid of my mail heaps. I can dream, right?

Thanks, Bright & Brithe.

I Need a Project

Oh wait, I have one. But it’s a secret. Hmm; for some reason, since we moved to the Asheville (artsy!) area over 3 years ago, I’ve been creating LESS. And by less, I mean that my paints are dry, paintbrushes do not come out, wood and paper has done nothing but collect dust. I’m not really sure what’s up with that. It may be partially due to the fact that I have to work more, but maybe it goes beyond that. I want to change it though…

Anyway, came across this cool store that makes me want to make some immerse myself in mixed media. Well, first I have to finish a client’s website, but after that, who knows! Actually though, maybe I should contact mentioned cool store because they really need a new site, don’t you think? Anyway, on to some of the fun stuff I came across (thanks to Jordan Ferney – I think that’s where I came across it).

Just a sip

I recently did the wedding “collateral” for my friends wedding which is this Saturday! I’ll share everything soon now (invites, RSVPs, place cards, etc.!).


Ooooh and just since I have it handy, here’s the map that was sent with the invitation. Originally this was going to be letterpress which would have been amazing, but it still came out beautiful (letterpress is super duper expensive!).  Here is the invite (it’s an accordion fold so it looks a little weird like this):  Don’t forget to click images to view them larger!


….and map:


I couldn’t have done them without Dave’s awesome help (thank you!). We work well together as “designers”. Too bad he wants to be all teachery and fine artisty ;) instead of opening a design biz with the love of his life.

Moving forward…. here’s the RSVP postcard:


Here’s a little taste of the labels we did for the wine bottles that will also serve as table numbers. It’s no the best photo, but you can sort of get the idea…..


And everything was sent in a beautiful chocolate little pouch envelope…..trying to find an image of the package deal.

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