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I Need a Project

Oh wait, I have one. But it’s a secret. Hmm; for some reason, since we moved to the Asheville (artsy!) area over 3 years ago, I’ve been creating LESS. And by less, I mean that my paints are dry, paintbrushes do not come out, wood and paper has done nothing but collect dust. I’m not really sure what’s up with that. It may be partially due to the fact that I have to work more, but maybe it goes beyond that. I want to change it though…

Anyway, came across this cool store that makes me want to make some immerse myself in mixed media. Well, first I have to finish a client’s website, but after that, who knows! Actually though, maybe I should contact mentioned cool store because they really need a new site, don’t you think? Anyway, on to some of the fun stuff I came across (thanks to Jordan Ferney – I think that’s where I came across it).

Illustration Friday: RAIN

Hearing your voice, maybe it was just the vibrations from your chest,

I felt the wind gently blowing my hair, a long skirt stirred by the breeze.

Hot and dry and lovely it whispered to me.

A life not lived, the dream of simplicity.

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve participated in an Illustration Friday topic. I did most of this today and then saw the topic and figured I could make it work…I just had to transform the sunny dance into the rainy dance.