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Illustration Friday: RAIN

Hearing your voice, maybe it was just the vibrations from your chest,

I felt the wind gently blowing my hair, a long skirt stirred by the breeze.

Hot and dry and lovely it whispered to me.

A life not lived, the dream of simplicity.

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve participated in an Illustration Friday topic. I did most of this today and then saw the topic and figured I could make it work…I just had to transform the sunny dance into the rainy dance.


Added 12/07/05:
In response to the (funny)comments that have been posted on this one
This little piece is not in any way autobiographical. At least no time soon!
I was just going for the idea behind it…. more of a metaphor than an actual likeness of any person…. impregnated with ideas and with life that can all be so blue sometimes…as well as blue in terms of mother in terms of the earth and mother earth and the blues she must endure at times…and blue for those feelings that sink into your belly and seem to eat away at the lining…

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