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Illustration Friday: RAIN

Hearing your voice, maybe it was just the vibrations from your chest,

I felt the wind gently blowing my hair, a long skirt stirred by the breeze.

Hot and dry and lovely it whispered to me.

A life not lived, the dream of simplicity.

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve participated in an Illustration Friday topic. I did most of this today and then saw the topic and figured I could make it work…I just had to transform the sunny dance into the rainy dance.

Circadian Creation: Puff

So, a boy and I have (okay, fine, the boy) started (he came up with the brilliant idea, actually) a daily creation based on a topic that we choose alternately. I’m looking forward to this forced yet fun creative outlet. Stess free, any media, any amount of time, just taking that time out each day to use that creative part of us without deadlines or projects or lofty goals. I just love the idea!

So, first day….I choked and didn’t even do one. BUT I did have a few good excuses. Busy at work (so no time there), car got towed (= drained and not the best of moods), and excruciatingly tired. Excuses suck but it’s a day late but done…PUFF

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