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There have been so many firsts that I’ve not recorded, that have slipped by, that I thought I would remember the details of but are stuck in a blurry pool of memories.

Yesterday, June 11th, 2012, Indira asked her first “Why?”. She asked it three times actually. The thing about memories is… they escape me. And Dave apparently. We can only remember one of the why’s. The not-so-great one. The one outside while we were eating dinner. In the midst of what started out as a beautiful and peaceful dinner. The why was “Why do I need to stay on the couch” after putting her into a bit of a quiet time on the couch outside. This was after much whining, crying, screaming, shouting, no’s, falling, kicking, etc. The other two “why’s”. Well, I don’t remember them. Hopefully they’ll come back to me.

Another first: She had her first real puking episode. It was at Marly and Erich’s house. It was horrible. She was sleeping in Djuna’s bed. We were all in the living room. Drinking wine, talking, having fun. I thought I heard her but then I didn’t. Then, I heard her again and when I went into the room she was covered in vomit. Kid vomit, not baby vomit. She was scared and sick. I felt horrible that it happened when she was alone. I still do. And, luckily Dave was there to pick her up. Why? Because it was gross. I would have picked her up and comforted her and held her. Luckily, I didn’t have to be that parent on this one. I’m sure I will in the future but I had a get out of jail free card for this one. Whew. Anyway, she threw up one more time after that. It was horrible. I felt so bad for her cute, sick, awful-feeling little self. And, I still feel bad that I wasn’t there. That she was all alone in a room that wasn’t her own with stomach pains and the horrible choking feeling associated with vomiting. But I know she’ll get over it. I will too. Right?

And, while I’m at it. Some other things that Indira is up to. She says her name. “In dee rah sky (with hand movements over head) dot mazure”. It rocks. Even if Dosch sounds merely like a punctuation mark in a url. Oh, and sometimes the sky goes last. Usually with the arm movements though.

Other things:

  • She loves curious george. Unfortunately, we don’t.
  • She had me read a chapter of one of the Ramona books and she loved it! (I’m aiming for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland instead)
  • Two year olds are intense
  • She still loves having imaginary conversations on fake phones. They often go like this: “Hello, how you doing? Good? Okay. See ya. Peace.”
  • She still likes to “durse” (nurse) but it’s definitely soon coming to an end and we’re both ready
  • When she gets upset she often yells “I need my mommy”. I’ll take it.
  • She is a master of tantrums. Master.
  • She loves to eat.
  • She has been (self initiated) potty trained since April with a few accidents and one bout of constipation, but overall it’s gone very well. She really kicked it off while we stayed at Lori and Rob’s for a week.
  • She loves her dogs, especially Darwin.
  • She is in awe of cats and excitedly yelled “Theee dore!” every time Marly and Erich’s cat walked past her.
  • She loves to dance.
  • She loves music, especially Yellow Submarine and Raffi.
  • She has moved from “Ju ju” to “Djuna”.
  • She can catch a ball and sort of throw one too.
  • She is excited to go on a boat trip and to go to the beach and swimming this summer.
  • She knows and loves that Dave is “home for the summer”.
  • As much as she says “No want new house” she seems very happy with our new house (even if we’re not completely enamored) EXCEPT, and it’s a big one, for the lack of a back yard.
  • She wants to do everything by herself
  • About a month ago (?) she drew her first representational drawing. She explained it to me. It was awesome. Of course.

Dave, anything to add here? I have been horrible with keeping these lists but the memories are piling up and spreading into misty visions. Help!