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Okay, so I wasn’t given an award, and I’ve pretty much lost all of my blog readers. I was silent for a while and at some point, lost my subscriber list. And I’m a web developer so that’s just wrong. Anyway, I’m “borrowing” this from Booking Penguin.

1. Favorite smell: roasting chicken in oven

2.  Favorite memory: Hmmm. This is very difficult but one that comes to mind is exploring Rhode Island with Dave on our anniversary weekend (not even sure which anniversary) and staying at a very quaint historic inn and staying up drinking wine and playing games on their patio.

3.  Favorite breakfast food: Eggs with bagels and pancakes tied for second.

4.  Favorite comebacks: I know you are but what am I.

5.  Favorite season: summer

6.  Favorite writing utensil: Sharp small tip markers

7.  Favorite Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip

8.  Favorite Movie to Quote: Heathers

9.  Favorite Coffee Accoutrements: milk, but I’d rather espresso

10.  Favorite Day: Thanksgiving

101 in 1001

I came across this project in my surfing and it’s such a great idea that I’ve decided to do it as well.

The Mission:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

My list may change depending on my mood, temperature, location, outfit…. but the list to start is:

  1. Go on a romantic picnic with blanket, wine, and fine food
  2. Volunteer for an environmental cause
  3. Volunteer for a social cause
  4. Plant flowers
  5. Grow vegetables
  6. Start an herb garden
  7. Paint a huge canvas – outside if necessary (I painted a wall in our house. I think that counts)
  8. Create an assemblage piece
  9. Have a garden party with pretty lights and good food and wine (after I plant some flowers!)
  10. Bike ride under the moonlit sky
  11. Go whitewater rafting
  12. Have my art in a gallery
  13. Buy a digital SLR camera
  14. Work on (and finish) an art project together
  15. Visit another country
  16. Read at least ten books on my “to-read” list
  17. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner under the moon
  18. Redesign my website (But I’m due for another redesign 9/2/009)
  19. Design a portfolio website for Dave (Blog done 08, website to be done by winter 09)
  20. Go on a long walk at least once a week
  21. Read Atlas Shrugged (In progress, 9/2/09)
  22. Learn to screen print
  23. Back up and organize all of my digital photos (In progress, 9/2/09)
  24. Print out my favorite digital photos and put them in an album
  25. Acquire a bicycle – and ride it!01/29/08 Bike acquired – now need to ride it
  26. Learn how to cook 5 incredible gourmet meals
  27. Learn how to cook 5 quick and healthy meals
  28. Take an actual yoga class (instead of just doing in on my own)
  29. Go out to dinner alone
  30. Host Thanksgiving dinner
  31. Make a new friend
  32. Make money from my art Well, I do work as web designer so sort of already but let’s go for the fine art side here
  33. Visit at least 5 states I have never been to (New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi)
  34. Actively pursue freelance work (Continue doing this!)
  35. Take a short backpacking trip
  36. Go to at least one art exhibit every two monthsDave being grad school for fine art helps
  37. Go TV free for one weekstriking this because we have no cable anymore – zero TV reception – but there is still netflix
  38. Create a budget (and stick to it)
  39. Refinish an old piece of furniture
  40. Sew a skirt for myself
  41. Make at least 5 pieces of art as gifts
  42. Make a platform bed
  43. Organize my CDs CDs? What year did I write this list?
  44. Save $4 a day
  45. Eat fruits and vegetables every day
  46. Go skinny-dipping
  47. Pick berries
  48. Start saving money for retirement
  49. Make a book (even if it’s never meant to be published)
  50. Become strong and stable enough to do handstand (unmodified)
  51. Go ice-skating
  52. Volunteer to help with a hiking trail
  53. March on Washington
  54. Learn my grandmothers’ stories
  55. Donate clothes I haven’t worn in over one year
  56. Visit a sculpture garden
  57. Get a tattoo
  58. Watch less TVI can still download shows but I watch A LOT LESS
  59. Take a trip to a tropical location
  60. write letters to friends when I move
  61. Go to the drive in
  62. Host an outside art party
  63. Concentrate more on spirituality – specifically eastern ideas
  64. Practice Flash
  65. Ride a motorcycle
  66. Have a water balloon fight
  67. Be on the way (in some form) to being a mom
  68. Eat a meal with fingers (one that would ordinarily require a fork)
  69. Play in the rain
  70. Play tennis
  71. Drink tea and have breakfast outside in the sun
  72. Continue to not eat fast foodFast food eliminated
  73. Take a spur of the moment weekend trip with cheap plane tickets
  74. Use eye cream regularly
  75. Get a library card
  76. Join a club/group when we move
  77. Put an entire week’s pay directly in my savings account
  78. Renew passport and get it stamped
  79. Set up a real studio space for myself
  80. Make attending farmer’s markets a part of my regular routine (unless I can grow enough to not need it)
  81. Go on an all girl weekend trip
  82. Unless dining out, only eat organic animal based products (eggs, chicken, cheese, etc…)
  83. Get my teaching certificate
  84. Go sky diving
  85. Fill up at least 4 journals
  86. Get married
  87. Pay off my car loans and school loans
  88. Make a substantial dent in my credit card debt
  89. Dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean
  90. Make a website for a non-profit for free
  91. Be closer to my family and friends – through regular letters, phone calls
  92. Identify 5 summer and 5 winter constellations
  93. Go rock climbing (outside or on a wall)
  94. Enter a photography contest
  95. Go snow tubing
  96. Go on a kayaking trip
  97. Build a savings account of at least $5000
  98. Sort mail as it arrives Yeah, right!
  99. Write a short story (and complete it!)
  100. Finish Marly’s book and Kerilyn’s book
  101. Finish this list

I got the idea here

Loving spring

3 Things that make me happy:
1. Getting off the beaten path
2. Early weekends!
3. Gardening – working outside and getting my hands and body into the earth

2 things I’m looking forward to today:
1. Today is coming to an end, but looking forward to hanging out with Dave’s fam tomorrow!
2. Tonight, looking forward to going to bed without work ahead of me tomorrow!

3 long term things I’m looking forward to:
1. Vacations
2. Eating what I grow this summer
3. Exploring

1 person I am going to appreciate:
Dave, for all he does, and for who he is.

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