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five senses friday

:: inspired by andrea over at hula seventy ::


lush green surrounding us, game of thrones episode one on my parents’ gigantic screen, a design that i am digging

earthy yolk of a perfectly cooked over-easy egg, sweet and fresh-from-the-garden sugar snap peas, crisp white wine

chirping baby sparrows who are nesting in the candle holder hanging nearby, distant laughter of children, Indira’s new questioning “Why”s…

fresh sweet basil, sage, and chives

cool breeze in warm sun, relaxed afternoon

Live the life you’ve imagined

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler. -Henry David Thoreau


Photo by katlovestock : on deviantart

It’s a beautiful quote. But so often it’s easy to get off track. We get caught up in the little details of life. Bills, obligations, laundry, work, and endless others. But when we simplify it leaves room for the dreams. It leaves room for the dreamy life that is in our imagination. For me, that means happiness, fullness, creativity, accountability, balance, fun, learning. This is a bit vague. But I’m happiest when I have a balance of fun activities, getting out of the normal routine, connecting with people in a meaningful way, and when I’m doing creative work. If it’s meaningful creative work that’s even better though that is often difficult to come by.

So what do we do when our schedules are overloaded, our children are pulling at our legs, and our bills are piling up? Take 5 minutes. Take 10 minutes. If you’re lucky, take an hour or two or three. And do what you love. Write, paint, sing, dance, practice yoga, read about economics (if that’s what does it for you), immerse yourself during that time, and take it away with you throughout the rest of your day. Let it grow. Cherish that time.

What do you dream of doing? What makes you happy? What makes your heart dance? Take the time today to do it!

Okay, time to go practice what I preach. Today: yoga and design mingled with the normal every day life stuff. Anyone know of a great yoga routine to practice while you have a cold? Enjoy!

Lucky life and red shoes

Look at my new red shoes! I am so loving them!


Yes, they are awesome! And yes, I’m posting on my blog about my new shoes. It sort of sounds ridiculous, but for the past few years, specifically the past year, we have been living very frugally. We had a baby, I gave up working as an art director, we moved and pay higher rent to live in an amazing house (we love our house), so we have been close to broke (American close-to-broke – I realize there’s a big difference between American broke and rest-of-the-world broke) off and on. So, buying a nice pair of shoes… well, it’s sort of a big deal. But this post isn’t just about shoes. It’s about freedom and choices and luckiness.

Dave, Indira, Darwin, and I are on vacation right now. (Molly is staying at a “spa” in Nutley, NJ with her extended family!). We left a day early. Because we felt like it. We’ll be back around the 16th. ONLY because Dave is running a Mud Run in Philly on the 17th. It’s summer and we have FREEDOM! We don’t have to squeeze things that we want to do into a three week or four week (or, gasp, two week) time period. You see, Dave is a professor. And I build websites and design things from the comfort of our home. This means that I get to stay home with our daughter, which is, at times, incredibly difficult and exhausting, but pretty much one of the most rewarding things I could ever imagine. AND I get to work from home. Yes, it’s difficult squeezing it in but I’m not dealing with anything resembling a 9-5 schedule. I work during naps (when they happen; Indira has never been a great sleeper) and at night and on weekends. And in the summer, Dave gets to work on his art and I get to work on whatever it is I’m working on every day. During the week we tend to swap hour by hour during the day and have evenings and weekends for us and for fun. It’s great. We’re lucky. We chose it and I’m thrilled with our choice.

Now, if only we could get our asses out of Pennsyltucky… but that’s for another post and you’re probably tired of hearing about that anyway.

Okay, back to vacation! And my new red shoes.

Monday Five Countdown

Five Things I’m Grateful For

  1. A certain guy who I live with
  2. Warm weather and sunshine and open windows!
  3. Freelance work (I’m working on a rush job right now and it’s daunting in a way, but still fun, and I’m definitely uber thankful to have the work!)
  4. My rockin’ friends and family
  5. New experiences, new challenges, new successes

Four Things I Can’t Stop Thinking About

  1. Choices
  2. Getting back into a regular workout schedule
  3. Vacation, how much I need one, how much we need one
  4. Finishing up (which includes starting basically) my website redesign

Three Things I Want To Accomplish This Week

  1. Freelance list of to-do’s
  2. Make some yum smoothies
  3. Keeping in the patient zone even when it feels impossible*

Two Things I Am Working To Be Positive About

  1. This lame-ass state. I mean, this wonderful state.
  2. The future (wow, that’s big and vague).

One Random Thing

I’m in a funk. That’s why I decided I needed to do this countdown today.

Check out Bookish Penguin’s Monday Five Countdown here.

*This patience one is really being tested with a teething, cranky, crappy napping one year old.

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