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Secret (or not-so-secret) energy sources

Where do I get energy from? What energizes me. A quick an dirty list:

  • Minimum of 45 minutes on the mat
  • Making art, getting my hands dirty (think paint, glue, ripping paper….)
  • Doing something new (new route, new restaurant, talking to a new person, checking out a new shop or gallery)
  • Getting out of the routine
  • Getting out and noticing everything around me and taking photos
  • Taking a walk or hike with Dave and the dogs (and now Indira too!)
  • Road tripping (even if it’s just for an hour!) and exploring somewhere I’ve never been
  • Sitting at the edge of the ocean and taking in the waves – such amazing energy!
  • Getting it out! Even if it’s exhausting in the midst of it….refreshing once it’s all out and on the table
  • Immersing myself in my favorite books or new books that inspire the creative side

There are so many more, but I’m trying to keep the list fairly simple for now. Cheers to energy! Thanks, Mondo.