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Changing the lens of photography?

So, here’s the deal. We don’t have extra spending money. That’s what happens when one in a couple gives up their 9-5 to stay home. So, yes, I need more freelance work (need a website? check out my portfolio and contact me!). I’m working on that. But, if we did have extra spending money I would be spending $499 on this:

Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 10.29.40 AMAnd, of course, to rub salt in the poor girl’s wounds, I had to get a special invite to purchase it before they become available to the public. Yay.

But, check out the Lytro website and read more about this amazing new camera! Just a few of the cool features:

  • Focus after the fact. Everything.
  • Depth of field after the fact. On a whim. Changeable.
  • No flash necessary.

On day. For now, I’ll daydream about all of the cool photos I can take with it.

It sure is pretty…


Yes, it is… but let’s see what it can do. Probably about halfway through now, but I was hoping for more macbook and less iphone. We’ll see.

…but, that’s all I’m seeing. It’s pretty. It’s sexy. It would be fun toy to play with but I have a laptop and I have a smartphone (now I really will need to decide between a Droid and google Nexus One) so where does this fit in?

It’s not a phone but it needs a data plan. That means, a second data plan. Not cool at all. I’m not buying e-books for $14.99 when I prefer reading a real book any day. {Side note: Granted, it does make moving more difficult – Dave and I have a huge book collection – but I love browsing through used book stores and smelling and feeling the pages of a book. } I can listen to itunes on my ipod or on my macbook pro. I can watch movies on my laptop and soon on my Wii (so, on TV) with Netflix. Spreadsheets? Who cares. And, I really don’t have time for games nor do I want to pay for them.

So, I’ll stick with my macbook pro that I love. I’ll upgrade it. And, eventually, I’ll switch from my Blackberry to one of the above mentioned phones. Sexy isn’t enough.

Oh, and one last thought. Seriously, ‘iPad’? Were there no women in on those meetings?

Sexy Technology

So I’m all about Apple, and can’t wait to see what kind of tablet, or “booklet” they come up with. This Microsoft version is not available yet, but ooooooh. It is pretty amazing! Come on Apple, give us a peek because yours will even be better.

I heart new technology.