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She said…

This beautiful introspection has been pulled out by the magical Hannah Marcotti.

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She said P.S. I love you, you’re great. 

She said Let me lift some of it for you.

She said Seeing myself reflected in you was such a gift, because you’re cool as shit and it made me feel that cool too.

She said You are awesome and you are enough.

She said You are looking hot today.

She said I love your energy.

She said I can’t wait for you to go bananas on this world and just dazzles us with magic. 

She said I wish you lived down the street.

She said Apparently vulnerability is our superpower.

She said I’m so proud of you. You’re rocking and rolling with your biz!

She said I’ll never want to leave you, mommy.


Gratitude – Nov. 2

I am thankful for the recent Spirits of Joy I took part of with Hannah Marcotti. It was more than prompts. It was a group of women that came together, shared, expanded, challenged and grew together. We became a community. We are still here together. We are still rocking and exploring and creating. It was eye-opening and a very much needed experience.

Some pages from that came from it:



Gratitude – Nov. 1

I am so grateful for yoga. Beautiful, centering, strengthening yoga. Sometimes I sway so out of balance. It happens slowly but I feel it so suddenly. I feel it in my body and mind. It envelope me. Then I return to the mat. Even if it’s been weeks. Months. And it’s instant peace. Strength. Balance. Fulfillment. Energy. Expansion.

I did this flow the other day. It was amazing. I’m definitely not done with her routines. I did another the day after and it was different but just as beautiful. Just as unique. Just as empowering and centering.


Thank you, yoga.

Thankful: Day 3

I am immensely thankful for this guy:

My husband by law, my partner in spirit, my best friend, my baby’s daddy and all that fun stuff. We have gone through quite a lot in the past eight years… Wait, is it eight or nine? I believe it’s eight but time starts doing this weird thing after a while. We started dating the first day we “hung out”. I still think he rocks. He inspires me and makes me laugh. He’s an amazing guy, a fabulous father, and sort of rocks at professoring. Oh yeah, he makes some cool ass art too. The kind that makes you question, makes you wonder, inspires stories and/or magic in your mind. When he has time. Oh, and just a little random tid bit: he has super long arms. Like, abnormally so but in a cool way. Wide wingspan. Long arm of the law. Alab….







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