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Mountains, mountains, freedom and mountains

Something that makes me smile is memories of the road trip that D and I took out west a few years ago. Hmmm, probably more like 5 years ago. Not really a “few”. We flew out to Salt Lake City, Utah and rented a car and cruised from there. We explored Utah a bit (not as much as we would have liked but we’re saving it for another trip), and headed to Yellowstone and then on up to Montana to visit family and to thoroughly and completely and passionately enjoy Glacier National Park. We didn’t have enough time there. Didn’t explore enough, but what we did explore I can confidently say we both fell in love with. I’ve been longing to go back. The mountains there are so majestic and there’s a more primitive feel there than there is in, for instance, Yellowstone (which we also did love!). This photo is actually not from Glacier or Yellowstone but it is from that trip. From the Tetons, which we didn’t get to explore nearly enough. It was more of a quick drive-by; an afterthought. But thoughts of that trip and this photo make me smile.


Sidenote:  We need to go back because I borrowed my mom’s camera on this trip and took some amazing photos. NOT in high resolution! Ahhhhhh. Sadness.

Parallel Zero

I just came across this amazing site, Parallel Zero (thanks, Pacing the Panic Room). I can get lost on here for hours. The site hosts “A collection of stories from every corner of the globe, a strictly on-line bank of ideas proposing only photographic reportages of the highest quality, selected with care, from ethnography to adventure, geography, science, travel and current affairs, always accompanied by in-depth journalistic texts, informative files and comprehensive captions.”. It’s wonderful! Please check it out, especially if you are into photography. You can explore different areas through the world through photographic stories. The photos are beautiful and interesting, sad, shocking, colorful. Time to go visit Brazil now. Enjoy!