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Autumn sweeps

I always think that summer is my favorite season. And I guess, in many ways it is (skirts, bare feet, sunshine, long days, short nights, open windows, flowers, freedom). But in the past few years I’ve come to love and appreciate autumn more and more. I think it’s in the light. Everything looks magically lit in autumn, even on the rainy days. It’s the warm glow and the colorful leaves. And, it’s not only the lighting. It’s crunching leaves and boots and wool sweaters and crisp air that feels great when you breathe it in in giant sips. It’s bonfires (though this year we’ve been so extremely busy that camping is just a dream) and hayrides, apple pie, AND it’s my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Indira and I just took a nice little walk in the woods and she loved the movement of the leaves and the sounds of wind on the crisp branches. I think she also liked the colors, but her nose got too cold so we made it short. Cheers to autumn!


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Aaaaand, coming next: freezing cold weather brrrrr, snow (and lots of it – poconos!), hibernating bear, mittens, hot cocoa and Christmas trees, but I am totally getting ahead of myself.

Come on in; the door’s open.

Usually, I dread the coming of autumn, which means winter is not far behind. I normally hate saying good-bye to the long days of summer, the hot sun on my skin, the freedom that summer brings. This year is different. I’m ready to embrace autumn. A big hug is in order. I’m not sure why. I guess I’m just ready to slow down, enjoy the dark, put on a big cozy wool sweater, and light a fire.

Maybe it’s because summer was so hectic. Moving, big news (which I’ll talk about soon), new family unit (we now live with my sister and her husband and their dog and cat), suburban life (I do miss the silence and seclusion of our teeny rural house), D being done with grad school (yippee!), new new new. New is good. New can be great. But it can also be exhausting.

And so, I’m ready to embrace fall and the chill and cozy up inside. The upcoming months will bring some new challenges, but I think we’re ready. I definitely will miss dinners with D – he won’t be getting home until about 9 on teaching nights! But I’ll also try to enjoy the new solo time I have. Oh, and I’ll be listening for the crunching of the leaves.



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