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Moving Day!

So tomorrow is the big move…south of the Mason Dixon line. Yes, we’re moving down south – to Mars Hill, NC! I’m totally excited, scared, exhausted, curious, dreamy, thrilled, and, did I mention completely and utterly excited?!

Yesterday was my last day at work and it felt so freeing and so bittersweet. All of these emotions swirling around together making it hard to complete a though beyond lists of things to get done, things to print out, emails to send, phone numbers to call, boxes to pack, boxes to label, items to toss. But the last day was great. I was happy to see people and to say goodbye in such a positive way – with all of these great wishes for the upcoming adventure. I was surprised by some and I got to know some at the last minute, actually wishing I had more time, wishing we could have one more conversation, wishing I knew more of their story. I guess perhaps that’s what email is great for, eh? And with the freedome comes good news of great opportunities that will help me out immensely and keep me creative.

I’ve been handling the anxiety and stress by being busy. Seeing people, dinners, happy hours, lunches, phone calls, emails. But yesterday when I woke up (earlier than necessary by the way) I had a stomach ache and sore throat – the fear symptoms I supposed. They’ve subsided since then. Busy-ness does that to symptoms – keeps them at bay. I like it!

And so, the adventure has begun and we’ll be on the road by tomorrow evening! My mind is still swirling but I’m looking forward to lots of things. Our awesome new house, new surroundings, living with a great guy in our own space that we’re creating together, starting the next chapter in our life together, learning new things, getting out of the “comfort zone”, gardening, being close to Asheville, having space to make things, watching the stars, camping in the Smokies and tons more.

Back to packing but I just wanted to give a little update for those who read…since I’ve been MIA for quite a few weeks (or is it months?) now.

Will be back with lots of new stuff very soon!