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Monday arrived…

The wind hit me and I felt complete

Felt the peace stream into my body

Felt it slither into my heart and my mind

Not a slow slinky slithering…

It washed into me quickly and relentlessly

In goodness…a clearing out of sorts.

And then Monday arrived.


So many interesting thoughts and ideas, imaginations at work creating sweet vast wicked worlds.
Ideas tumbling through our minds and brightening our dreamscapes.
Yet we don’t discuss it and we walk blindly ignoring the secrets, ideas, and dreams that we all want to share.
And we sleep in our cocoons and work our lives away while our insides melt and fade away.

Security black hole

Trying to stay calm
amidst the rubble around me
and inside me.
The path that I leave behind me.
Embraced by it
Sucked inside
the swirling energy
that makes my hands shake
and presses at my chest
until I can barely breathe.
Decisions dance around me
and laugh in my face.
And the faces of people
become blurry and dark
as I scrutizine the walls between us.
Security and time
implode into a small black hole
that can suck it all up.
If I let it.


I peel back the tough skin
to reveal an exquisite texture inside,
coupled with a most delicate yet vibrant hue.
Dropping a slice on my tongue
I can feel the sweet beads
mingling with cool, wet juice.
It dances in my mouth in a
luscious summer celebration.


The day closes in around her.
Licking her wounds,
she glances from side to side, half expecting to see a sign.
Glancing back down, she rubs her cool hands together
and considers what she should do next.
Pushing aside the essentials that she knows won’t disappear,
she concentrates on everything else.
Drawing, writing, scribbling, typing,
eyes closed and soul half open,
she wanders through thoughts and images like long tangents
made of clay.
The farther out she ventures, the more she finds.
Her heart leaps when she notices the time and she returns to solid ground.
A solitary tear collects in the corner of her eye
but she holds it back
knowing that there’s always tomorrow
and that nighttime has its solace.


  1. Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation.
  2. A source of comfort or consolation.

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