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28 Weeks Today

So, for a while, we thought today would be more like 29 and a half weeks, but I’m 28 weeks pregnant today (right, Dave? I think? Oh wait, actually was it yesterday?)! I have a feeling this baby will be early though. Ha ha ha ha ha! Just kidding. Unless this baby is totally infiltrated by Dave’s early genes my (perfectly honorable) late ones will win I’m sure. They are stronger. I guess that will be my payback the waiting people have done for me. Extra pregnancy at the end.

On a side note, the baby has been kicking up a storm! Woo!

Belly Buttons

So, I was really hoping that my belly button would stay put. Put as in inside. As in an “innie”, not an “outie”. I have an uneasy feeling though… it wants to pop out (reminds me of a turkey timer). I want to keep it in though! I guess I have no control on this one.

On a side note, they changed my due date from February 27th to March 8th. Yippee! Well, good because I absolutely do not want to be induced. I want a nice, peaceful home birth. Though, now I’m less pregnant than I thought i was. Still in the third trimester though! Less than three months to go!

Finding the Stillness

Moment of peace.
An hour or a day or a week of solitude. What was the quality of your breath? The state of your mind? How did you get there?

Today is the 29th anniversary (seems like an odd word to use since it sounds celebratory) of John Lennon’s death. I just thought that this question seemed appropriate for this day. So, a moment of peace. I can’t really think of one specific standout moment of peace in 2009. Those moments usually seem to come in small doses and seemingly at random times. The breaths are usually deep and calming and cleansing, but deep in an easy and natural way; thoughtful but not trying.

Since I’ve been pregnant, despite some of the stress and busy-ness and tiredness, I’ve had many moments of peace with the baby. Moments where I can just lie on the bed and sit and be with this little being growing inside of me. They have been some of my favorite times during pregnancy. Tummy time I suppose. It’s been nice when Dave can share in them too, though different when it’s just the belly and me. At times I wonder, should I be talking, should I be singing, humming, but I like the silence and the stillness. It’s a new stillness that I haven’t had in a while. I used to enjoy finding the “stillness within the dance” while doing Shiva Rea yoga flows and though that yoga has been a little too intense while pregnant, this seems like a new stillness to be found and to linger in. And I will return to the stillness within the dance, in fact, can’t wait, but for now am loving the still still moments that I get to enjoy. They’ll be more of them to come, so here’s to letting them happen and enjoying and cherishing them as they come. Namaste.

This has been a Best of 2009 Blog Challenge moment.

Pregnancy Pics

So I have been horrible with taking (nevermind posting) pregnancy photos. I’ve been having camera troubles which doesn’t help. Also, I’ve had Dave help take some (but haven’t been happy with the results – sorry, baby, stick with pencils and ink). Anyway, here are a few that I’m also not very happy but they are being posted due to popular demand: (again, apologies for the crappy quality of these. argh!) (Ker, do you have any pics from the dinner the night before the wedding by any chance??)







Picture 9




Will take some later today…, disappointing at how few we took and how crappy they are…. :(