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Biggest accomplishment in 2010

So, I admit that I hate for this to be the answer too often, but this was a  gigantic accomplishment. Well, actually, more like 6 pounds, 15 ounces. But it was such an amazing journey getting there. The road there was so incredibly special for D and I. I think we felt closer than we ever had before. It wasn’t easy but it was magical. And then, the prize at the end! This little person with pieces of both of us that turned our world upside down and shook it up. She’s still doing that! It’s been happy and sad and natural and difficult. There were times where it seemed impossible. I recall the first two weeks or parenthood when we had this realization that this was constant, unrelenting, always there. It’s a giant thing for two independent people to realize. It’s left us changed. And I’d say it’s an accomplishment that keeps on going.


Long winter

My job has been kicking my butt but I’m learning tons and improving my knowledge each day. Life has been so busy and I have to get back to this blog, but I came across this quote today and had to post it.

Hopefully more coming soon. Hopefully more in the way of photos, drawings, paintings, torn items, ripped papers, muddy thoughts….

The greatest success in life is to rise up from failure.

- Master Cheng Yen