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Thankful: Day 3

I am immensely thankful for this guy:

My husband by law, my partner in spirit, my best friend, my baby’s daddy and all that fun stuff. We have gone through quite a lot in the past eight years… Wait, is it eight or nine? I believe it’s eight but time starts doing this weird thing after a while. We started dating the first day we “hung out”. I still think he rocks. He inspires me and makes me laugh. He’s an amazing guy, a fabulous father, and sort of rocks at professoring. Oh yeah, he makes some cool ass art too. The kind that makes you question, makes you wonder, inspires stories and/or magic in your mind. When he has time. Oh, and just a little random tid bit: he has super long arms. Like, abnormally so but in a cool way. Wide wingspan. Long arm of the law. Alab….







Thankful: Day 1

I’m thankful for homemade chicken noodle soup and fresh rosemary bread (both made by me!).



Here’s the recipe to the absolutely delicious and knead-free rosemary bread. I used more rosemary (and used dry rosemary), added a little garlic powder and Italian seasoning, and also added 2 Tbsp of olive oil to the dough before mixing it. I also used 1 cup of bread flour, 1 cup of all purpose, and 2 cups of either whole wheat pastry or white whole wheat (I never know which one I have on hand) to make it a little healthier (fiber!) but still super delicious. Even my picky husband who digs his white bread totally dug this!