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Inspiration Friday: MCQ: Mike McQuade

Inspired by MCQ: Mike McQuade. I love his combination of clean and open space mingled with grit. Dig it mucho. Beam Spread Italia Illustrations Juxtavision Guts All work above copyright Mike McQuade. Check out his awesome site!  

Design Inspiration

I saw this fish while we were in the pediatrician’s office yesterday and I loved the color scheme and texture. I think I’ll try to use it for a design project. Photo © khergeorlin_georlin 

Wall Art

Dave and I are going to work on a vinyl wall design for my sister's (and brother-in-law's) baby-to-be so I’ve been looking for inspiration (also getting inspired for designs for our own walls).  

Font Love

Maybe I should turn this into my Friday feature. But for now, it’s Wednesday, and here’s a new font to drool over. This seems like such a perfect, casual, handwriting font. Suomi Hand Script OT at the Font Shop

Font Love chose their top 10 fonts of 2009. Here’s the ones I’m digging and wishing I could afford: Calluna I love, love, love the details. It’s classic but fun. Check out the awesome OO. So nice! Ivory Beautiful. Swashes. Heart. Makes me want to design a children’s...


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