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Frequently Asked Questions

why should i pay more with you instead of using a contest site or pre-made templates that i build on my own?
contest sites exploit designers since many do the work and one designer gets paid. for this reason alone i would never recommend then. also, we will be working together one on one. this will not be a rushed process. we will dig into the what’s and why’s and create something together that is unique and exactly in line with your business or offering.  

How does payment work?
For projects under $1,000 payment in full is required up front. for projects over $1,000 a 50% deposit is required and the remainder of the balance is due at the end of the project, prior to launch. if you have specific requirements, reach, and I’m sure I can work with you. payment can be made via paypal or credit card. 

can you help me source photos?
of course! there are many great resources for both premium and free stock photos. if you have your own, that’s great too! be sure they are high resolution and i’ll do the optimizing for you. 

what is your process?
briefly, research, planning, design & development, 

what will my involvement be in the process?
We will discuss your project in-depth in the beginning and i will deliver a mood board which you will look over to be sure that the overall look & feel fits within your expectations. during the design process, there will be little involvement, but during revisions and refinements i will need as much clear and concise input from you as possible. this is our project so i hope you will be as involved as is comfortable for you.