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Local Flair

I'm excited to announced that I've won an instagram photography contest with Local Flair magazine of the Poconos. They've chosen the photo below to be on the cover of their August/September issue (the food issue) which is going to print today! I'm so excited and can't...

Old clients, new designs

I'm so happy to present the latest site for Earthsongs: Works in Clay! You can visit the site at Linda and I have worked together for years. We first "met" about six or seven years ago and we have been working on the various iterations of her site since...

Is a resumé outdated? For designers?

Usually I get my jobs through people (think "word of mouth") but lately I've been searching online and connecting with people who are looking for designers in an attempt to boost my business. I came across a few opportunities that requested resumés and the requests...

Design for Social Change

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about doing work that matters. I love doing design for small businesses and artists! Love, love, love it! But it would be nice to also be able to incorporate some socially responsible design projects that makes a positive impact on...

Book club

A few books to add to my "to-read" list. The list is ever growing, but these are some good ones. Design for the Other 90% by Cynthia Smith Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change, by Victor Papanek

Periodic Table of Typefaces

This is one of my favorite desktop wallpapers. And, yes, I do think I need one of these posters hanging above my desk.  Or maybe the vinyl version. Oh wait, my "work table" is my desk. But usually I just end up working at the kitchen table, so I'll need to find the...

Inspiration Friday: Anna Hepler

I’m not sure how I arrived there but I came across these images on flickr and wanted to share. I love them! They look so sparse and otherworldly and somehow friendly in an odd almost messy-robotic way.  I looked her up and she has some cool installation art too…...


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