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Ancora Imparo

I was involved in the many iterations of Ancora Imparo through the years. The latest took a solid foundation and I designed a new logo & branding and created a site where Ancora could promote and sell eCourses and other online items as well as fully incoprorate her social media presence for a fully cohesive web presence.


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“Where to begin? Kyra has now created three websites for me. She was able to, almost instinctively, design a website that was ‘dead on’ to the FEEL I wanted to convey. It’s as if she took the passion behind my mission and created a look and a journey into the message behind it. As I watched the final product being created, it was almost like she was tuning into the things I didn’t say and used these as part of the overall design concept. She and I will continue to work together as my business continues to develop and grow. That I know for sure.”